Two New D&D Items on my Etsy!

Today I added 2 new products to my Etsy for my fellow Table Top Roleplayers to check out!

First up is…


The Item Card Sheet!
This will allow you to print as many Item Cards as you like, I’ve even included some extra little boxes for things like colour coding your items. This comes as a single file of 1 PNG for ease of editing.


These are super handy for popping under a Mini to track its condition, what number monster it is, what place they take in combat turn order, or whatever you can think of as with your purchase you get 3 sheets, one with symbols, another with Conditions written on them, and a final one left blank for you to add your own info too if you think of something super useful to track in your game!

So, go check them out! I hope you enjoy them and why not take a look at my other D&D Products too – don’t forget there’s also a free Mini-Adventure up on this site! 😀

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