An Over Due Update!

Hello you sexy peeps!

Sorry for the radio silence, I’ve been super busy with new product designs for Etsy, conventions left, right, and half way across the UK, and the fun of Paperwork for Mr.Tax-Man!

But let’s get on with what’s been happening!


FIRST UP! Ditty Dungeons!

Teaming up with a friend, we’ve begun work on a super simple Freeware title called Ditty Dungeons which will be a mini-roguelike dungeon crawler. It isn’t going to blow the minds of the genera’s followers but it will mean after years of working with different teams on different projects, I’ll finally have my name to a released game, however tiny! 🙂

More news on this soon I hope! Maybe even a Dev.Log!


NEW ILLUSTRATIONS! On the Illustration Tab!

I’ve been doing lots of art for stickers, prints, and so on, so I’m currently putting a bunch of new designs up on my Illustration page! If you enjoy browsing my artwork and don’t FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM this is a good way to get caught up! 🙂


CUTE COMIC INCOMING! I’ve launched a little webcomic!

Usagi Saru Inu is a webcomic about a Rabbit, Monkey, and God who just enjoy life. It’s off to a slow start as I’m doodling it between other major things going on but it’s something I wanna chip away at over years. Check it out HERE!


NEW PRODUCTS! Lot’s of new stickers coming to Etsy!

I’ve been working on lots of new sticker designs for the conventions I’ve had and are coming up, these are slowly appearing on my Etsy (waiting on a new lightbox to do a MAJOR push of new sticker listings). Check out my Etsy shop HERE to see all the new stuff!

I have some other news to do with conventions but I think I’ll get a new wing of the website up and running to track conventions I’ll be at 🙂 And so that’s the current news! Hopefully have a bunch more soon as I push to expand my product range, push my webcomic further, and Ditty Dungeons takes shape! 🙂

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