Branding, Winnings, and Twitch OH MY!

Good morning you beautiful person!

Another overdue news update with lots and bits and bobs, including some genuinely exciting stuff!

Feeling like conventions are the best source of motivation for me due to the interaction with the public I finally bit the bullet and decided I’d go into the world of online art streaming in a more serious capacity. I’ve been running my stream for a week and already am just shy of 50 followers and built up a small circle of fans who come along to every stream to enjoy the music, watch me draw silly stuff, and chat with one another. If this sounds appealing to you, why not follow THIS LINK and click the Follow button to get a heads up next time I’m live (most evenings, UK Time).

Anyone who’s followed my work for a long while will remember this fella:

This is Barry the Depressed Bunny, a character I doodled up with no idea what I’d do with him. He ended up appearing in some of my sticker designs but beyond that has only ever existed as a design sheet above my desk, and as 3 images I uploaded to the website HitRecord. UNTIL NOW! HitRecord has picked up Barry with plans to do a few 10-15 second animations about him using the communities submitted scripts, artwork, and other skills! It’s amazing to watch the project take shape and although I’ve been asked to give feedback as things develop, I can’t help but really enjoy seeing others take a character I designed and breathing life into it with a personality beyond ‘he’s depressed and a bunny’. You can check its progress out HERE 🙂

Thanks to the wonderful people at Caerphilly Con, I’ve been accepted to run a stall there next month (June 9th). I’ll be bringing all my sexy stock, and if my delivery arrives in time, a LOT of new prizes for the Lucky Dip!

I’ll be promoting the event a lot more after this weekend. I try not to promote a convention I’m at after another one (MiniCon Cardiff this weekend peeps!) to avoid confusion!

So the other day, fellow artist Bryony (check her out, awesome work) linked me to a competition Awesome Merchandise was running; submit a design and if it’s picked they’ll send you 100 free stickers of that design! So I submitted this fella:
screen-shot-2018-05-08-at-01-34-04And I Won! Woop! I have no idea how they’ll look but based on what I’ve seen Awesome Merchandise do good quality stuff. They’ll be machine cut (no crippling my hand! Yay!) and as I’ll have 100 of them I’ll be looking for fun ways to give them away 😀 Probably through Instagram and Twitch!

My Etsy has been improving week by week for over a year now, and yesterday I passed a new milestone in 900 Sales across 500+ Orders! Woooo! This comes shortly after a rebranding effort. The shop, for the most part, hasn’t changed, same stickers and D&D supplies as before, if not more. I have taken the time though to rephotograph almost all of my stock (got some more to snap pics of yet though!) with a bright new colour scheme for the shop which makes things stand out in Etsy Listings. I’ve also compiled some stickers together and offered a discount if you order them as a collection (this includes the Pokemon Starters, and the new Tasty Tentacles series) AND if you spend over £10 you get free shipping anywhere in the world! (this hopefully will ease off the pain of having to raise postage international due to a price hike by Royal Mail – sorry International Friends!) Hopefully, the growth of the shop will keep going at the rate it has so far and if so I’ll be celebrating 1000 sales before we know it! 

And that’s it for now. Oh, there are some new Illustrations in the Illustration Page on here! Other than that though I’m working on some projects, have a few clients I’m making stuff for right now, and prep for the next few cons in underway! Hopefully, I’ll have another update for you soon with some more news! 🙂

All the Best you Sexy Mo’Fo!

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