Convention Success!

Hello you sexy person!

So, last weekend was the Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con. In truth, I was expecting to do “okay” considering it was the first time they ran the con this early in the year so I assumed most would be unaware or financially unprepared for it. Turns out I was very very wrong! I made the biggest profit I have by a considerable chunk, got some amazing feedback, pushed my Instagram over the 400 follower mark by quite a few (only needed 5, at about 30 extra followers at the time of writing this). The new products (a selection of Stickers and now Badges) were loved, and although some designs ended up missing most were hits! 

As a result of this, I have some money to play with, so I’ve begun applying to a few smaller conventions, ones I normally wouldn’t risk because if I make a loss that would be crippling. On top of this, I’ve invested in some better quality Table Display equipment, enough spare printer ink to drown a giant, and I’m in the process of picking out two new major products *dun dun DAAAAA!*

I’ve also tweaked the website a bit so my blog shows up right here on the front page rather than some static boring blurb about how awesome I pretend to be, and I’m working on new business cards that push my social networks (mostly Instagram) a lot more.

Just a quick update right now, I’ll have more interesting and sexy news soon though! 😀


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