Etsy Promotion Update

So it’s been just shy of 2 weeks since I set up the Etsy Promotion system on my shop and it isn’t exactly covering its own cost, but let’s take a look at the data provided by Etsy to see what else we can find out…


Breaking down what the info above shows;

8455 people have seen my advertised item listening – this doesn’t mean they paid attention to it, clicked it or anything, just that it loaded up on a page they were viewing. This number is basically worthless but makes people feel better about the numbers.

Of that 8455, 152 people actually clicked on the advert. Not bad but still, that just means the viewed the item. Nothing else.

That 152 clicks cost me $6.93.

From those 152 clicks, 4 items were ordered (looking at my sales history, these 4 orders came from 2 customers buying 2 items but I could be reading the data wrong as they don’t actually provide this info themselves and I have to extrapolate from my Sales History what sold to who).

And those sold items made me $6.27

So 2 weeks of advertising with Etsy made me a loss of $0.66.

Not amazing, but is there more too this, or is this just a failure of a system for the products I offer?

Since launching the Etsy Product Promotion system I’ve had 105 ‘Favourites’ (in basic this is Etsy’s version of a Wish List) on my items. This is considerably higher than before I started advertising. I know a number of these people days or weeks later came back and purchased the items they liked. As the advertising system doesn’t track Favourites and I have no way of telling if it tracks customers who click the ad but don’t buy till days later, I’m unsure if the advertising has contributed in some untracked way when it comes to sales.

For this reason I’ve decided I’m going to keep the advertising on but keep a very close eye on sales, favourites, and it’s data to see if I can find more coalition, if not I’ll be shutting it down and sticking to advertising via social networks and hoping my customers tell friends about my products.

So I hope this has been food for thought for any fellow Etsy shop users 🙂

Hopefully, I’ll have a news post soon with some actual news!



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