Illustrations Making a Return!

I started selling at cons about 4 years ago. My first table was a train wreck, 6 different sticker designs, a few prints done on think paper, some bookmarks (yes I was clueless enough to do bookmarks). Since then my stock has shifted and for the most part, I was Sticker exclusive. In the last few cons though I’ve noticed many other stalls hopping on the Sticker Train (choo choo) and thus have decided that diversifying my stock is important if I don’t wanna be left behind when customers start dealing with their sticker craving at other stalls…

So what to do? Well as the title of this post spoils, I’ve begun work on new art prints. The plan this time is to print them in high quality on good paper stock. They are not my new focus, but one of a number of new products I want to expand into. So, what kind of prints am I thinking? I’m not totally sure in truth, right now I’m enjoying doodling my way through it all but below you can check out three of the first prints I plan to put on sale at the next convention I’m selling at!




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