Making Music

In my previous Blog Post, I talked about how it’s important to cut loose and create sometimes. As a creative you don’t want to only work within the field you wanna turn into your freelance job, otherwise work and play share the same space and even when working on personal projects there is a pressure to create professional standard stuff. I found this with illustration. Last time I showed off a dumb little game I bodged together in GameSalad, this time I’ve been dabbling in music creation thanks to Music Maker Jam!

Music Maker Jam is a nice app for creating music out of collections of pre-made loops, you are also able to record your own loops but I’m not that comfortable with my creative skills just yet, gimme time!

So what follows is something I made over the space of about an hour after launching the app for the first time;

Now admittedly I’m no Hanz Zimmer but considering the last time I touched a music creation tool properly (beyond attempting to make Darth Vaders Theme in Garage Band or something) was 17 years ago with Dance eJay on the PC, I’d say I’m happy with the end result!

That’s the point of this kind of creative fun. If that tune was an illustration I’d be beating myself up over every little flaw, but as it’s in a creative outlet I don’t see as a defining feature of my skill set I created a fun little tune and I’m proud of it!

So remember fellow Creative People; find creative things you can enjoy being just ‘ok’ at from time to time, it does wonders for your mood 🙂

Now I’m off to order a Midi-Keyboard off the interwebs because I actually had a lot of fun making that tune and wanna play around with this stuff more!


Ps. I was inspired to get back into playing with music thanks to the amazing Red Means Recording on YouTube. Here’s a link to one of his videos!

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