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Good day, you sexy person!

Been a bit quiet on the blog front so felt it was time for a small update.

Over on the Etsy shop I’ve begun expanding my range of items on sale. Along with some new stickers, there are also some Role Play Game items! These are;

  1. A Character Sheet for the Fate Core game system. This sheet is a redesign of the sheet required to play any Fate Core game. Everything is clear and spaced out with some extra blank boxes intended to be used for custom variants of the game which ask for more information to be noted on the player’s Character Sheet.
  2. A Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Compatible Character Sheet. This one is multiple pages long and allows the player to easily keep track of different kinds of items rather than a single messy inventory list, as well as making the important stuff more readable on the front page while stuff less required for quick reference being sorted into later pages and grouped together under information type.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Compatible Spell Cards. These are useful for players of the game that relies on magical spells, rather than having to consult the book all the time, or have an app on their phone which can break immersion and tempt the player to quickly check their social networks to the frustration of other players, the player can fill these cards out with the spell name, what is needed to cast the spell, and what exactly the spell does. The cards were designed to work with Ultra Pro TCG Sleeves too.

All three of these products are quite different to what I normally offer not just in that they are not stickers or artwork, but also because these are Digital Items. The user pays for a copy of a PDF and PNG of the item which they print out themselves. This allows the customer to print as many copies as they need and allows me to enjoy a sale without having to deal with printing or posting the item. Everyone wins!

So far these have been a success and have given me a direction to focus efforts in the future with other Digital Items in the pipeline already and also a plan to release a bundle of all the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition items in the near future once I’ve made more.

Well, that’s it for today! Hope this was an interesting read to someone! All the best,


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