Paid Promotion on Etsy

As anyone who follows my work is well aware I make 90% of my sales through Etsy. Conventions are awesome but come only a few times a year, and TeePublic is handy but $16 out of ever $20 spent I never see. So yeah, Etsy is important for me.

With the recent launch of the Digital Items for Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve seen some good sales results and decided to reinvest the money right back into Etsy on their product promotion system. It’s strange, you bid for clicks, and set aside a money pot each day for how many clicks you’re willing to buy. I’ve been running it for less than 24 hour but so far things are slow.

I plan to run it for a week under the stance that if it makes back the $7 it costs me to run it, I’ll run it another week, and keep going like that. Hopefully, this will get my product out there for more to see and if it’s a total failure it’s at least an interesting learning experience! 

So, for now, I wait…and keep hitting Refresh on my sales stat page…

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