Been a while, you lovely people! Felt I should take 5 minutes to give an update on how things are going!


Good news! I’ve restocked on sticker paper after finding a good supplier! Expect new stickers to pop up on the Etsy shop in the not too distant future! 🙂


While on the topic of stickers, over at my sticker packs have now reached 5.5 Million uses, in less than 3 weeks! That’s utterly mind blowing! I now have some sticker packs listed on the App store for iOS, and am in the process of hopefully getting some packs up on Line too! (also the wobbly image above is taken from one of my sticker packs that’s in the works)


After sneaking in through the wonders of cancellations I’ll be at Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con in August! I’m working hard on coming up with new products and designs so hopefully, this’ll be the most I’ve mixed it up at a convention since I first started focusing on Stickers.


This will be getting its own post down the line but I’ve launched a project called The StanDee&D Project (yes I’m proud of the name). I’m attempting to draw as many monsters and characters for use in games like D&D as possible. I’ll be releasing the PDF files for free online (or pay what you want) but will also be selling high-quality prints of the Standees for people to cut out and put together for their table top games!


Currently work is being done behind closed doors for the most part as I figure out how to get things to fit together (so many paper prototypes litter my desk!) but soon I’ll be launching Monster Monday on Twitch where I’ll spend Mondays streaming me illustrating Standees with viewer influence in what I pick and how they turn out!


Anyone who follows me like some kind of creepy stalker or my Mum will be aware that I started streaming on Twitch then went quiet. This was due to ill health (which directly affected my ability to talk – an important element of a stream I feel) but now I’m feeling a lot better so I’m hoping to start streaming again this coming week! Monster Monday tomorrow maybe? 😉


I’m currently working with a client on a project, I have to be hush hush about it as I’ve signed an NDA but I should be safe saying it’s a pretty cool project and I look forward to telling the world about it once it’s at a point where I’m ok to discuss it!


As a result of the client work I’ve not has as much free time to doodle silly stuff for the YouTube channel! Sorry about this guys and gals, I’m hoping to put a day aside this week to doodle LOTS so that I’ve got a backlog of videos to keep the channel flowing while I’m busy. I’m also hoping to do some less Doodle based videos soon including my video diary of me trying to learn to make a game and a review or two of things that have come into my possession 🙂 Oooo ambiguous!

There we have it! I’ll wrap things up now 🙂 I’m hoping to have a bit more chunky news for you all soon but with the NDA and being ill recently things have either not happened, or have happened and I can’t talk about them…yet 😛


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