Stickers! Digital Stickers Everywhere!


Hello my Lovelies!

Thought I’d do a blog post, I don’t do these often but it’s been an interesting 48 hours for me!

Recently I got my grubby little mits on a Pen Monitor (an Ugee) and to get back into the swing of hand drawing digitally I worked on a set of funny 300×300 short gifs about a blue face called Barry. I’ve been interested for a while in the ‘Stickers’ you find on apps these days so when I discovered I decided I’d upload them there as a bit of fun.

In less than 48 hours the Barry Stickers have been used almost 100,000 times. Mind blowing. I won’t lie, I have no idea if this is a good number in the world of digital stickers, but it’s a number I’m proud of no matter what. What makes it more impressive is these are animated stickers, yet due to a glitch in’s system, they are not showing up as animated on most devices meaning people love them even without their silly animations!


Seeing this, I decided I’d try breaking into this market a bit more seriously. As a result I’ve signed up with Mojilala and uploaded an expanded Barry pack (called Blue Faced Barry) which is currently pending approval. This system will allow me to charge a small amount for the sticker pack, plus they support animated stickers a LOT better. It could result in nothing, paid stickers are bound to be a totally different market with much lower numbers (and much more competition) than free stickers.


All I can do is cross my fingers and see how things go. Who knows, maybe the future of my Sticker creations is actually more digital than physical?


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