The fun of making stuff…

So recently I’ve been finding creating to feel more like a chore than fun – this happens to the best of us from time to time and normally for me, it’s due to a lack of variety in my creative outlets. You can only design so many stickers or D&D printouts before it feels like you’re doing the same thing over and over.

For the reason the last few days I’ve been toying with game making!

I’ve been trying out the free trial of something called Game Salad and so far I’ve created basic tutorial stuff but today I created my own proof of concept;


Click and Drag the Red Boxes onto the Blue Box

I’m sure just like me you marvelled in its wonder and was caught off guard by the outstanding plot twist at the end!

Ok ok, it’s kinda lame. For me, though it’s a major step forward. I’ve tried about 10 different game making tools over the years and never been able to make anything this advanced, and this took me no time at all!

So is there a future in game design for me? Probably not. This is fun but Game Salad costs $199.99 a year, a bit out of my price range. I get the trial for 5 days though so I’m having fun while I can and thought I’d share my creation with your lovely people 🙂

Maybe next I’ll try making music! :O 



Drag the Red Shape into the Blue Space without Touching the White Walls!
[better played in full screen]

Just a little update above; I played a bit more with my drag and drop concept, added a spin to the red square, changed its shape and added walls that reset the game when bumped. Now with a fail-state and a win-state, this is a very basic single level ‘game’ rather than just a novelty!

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