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Good evening you cuddly people!

Only a quick update, been busy busy busy with hush hush stuff, but I took some time today to begin updating the Etsy shop after letting it gather some dust for some time. There are already multiple new stickers on sale on there, with more to be listed in the coming days plus new designs in the work every day!

You can find the Etsy shop HERE

In other news Mini-Con went well, was awesome to see such lovely people as well as some familiar faces! It was also interesting testing non-Sticker related products after carving a name out for myself in the South Welsh Convention Circuit as the ‘Sticker Guy’. Hopefully, I can get some of these new products on the Etsy shop once I’ve fine-tuned them with another convention of testing!

Oh and for those who are fans of my drawing videos, fear not! I’m hoping to get back in the swing of these soon! I’ve begun recording some but I want to build a backlog I can use when I don’t have time to draw so expect them in the next week or two.

On the topic of watching me draw. After a lovely e-mail from the highly talented¬†Josh Penn-Pierson, who’s music I was seeking permission to use in Twitch Streams a while back, I’m feeling motivated to get my stream going again soon! I’m “umming and arring”¬†about if I should stick with Twitch or move to YouTube Live though as Twitch is a wonderful site but, and it’s totally understandable, way better geared to an audience of Video Game watchers rather than Art Watchers. More news on this soon I hope!

So there we have it! A lot more news than I thought I’d have for this post! Especially considering I thought this was just going to be a post to promote my Etsy shop! Whoops!

Hopefully have some more updates and maybe some more content for your lovely faces soon!

Much Love,


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