Heat + Small Work Space = Absent Timbo

So it’s been hot as balls here in Wales the last few weeks, on top of that I work in quite a small room with a lot of tech running at once, so it’s been even warmer – too warm actually.

As a result, things have been slower than the norm with vastly fewer streams and so on, but fear not, the weather is set to cool soon and I shall be back at it!

Already working on some things! 😀

Illustrations Making a Return!

I started selling at cons about 4 years ago. My first table was a train wreck, 6 different sticker designs, a few prints done on think paper, some bookmarks (yes I was clueless enough to do bookmarks). Since then my stock has shifted and for the most part, I was Sticker exclusive. In the last few cons though I’ve noticed many other stalls hopping on the Sticker Train (choo choo) and thus have decided that diversifying my stock is important if I don’t wanna be left behind when customers start dealing with their sticker craving at other stalls…

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Convention Success!

Hello you sexy person!

So, last weekend was the Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con. In truth, I was expecting to do “okay” considering it was the first time they ran the con this early in the year so I assumed most would be unaware or financially unprepared for it. Turns out I was very very wrong! I made the biggest profit I have by a considerable chunk, got some amazing feedback, pushed my Instagram over the 400 follower mark by quite a few (only needed 5, at about 30 extra followers at the time of writing this). The new products (a selection of Stickers and now Badges) were loved, and although some designs ended up missing most were hits! 

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Happy 2018! An Update Post.

Good morrow you sexy beast!

So 2017 is over. Hell of a year, the TimboJohnson Etsy shop made 9/10 of all it’s income in the last few months of the year (and the shops been running since 2015), I had my most successful convention to date, I expanded into new product lines which proved to be a success, I also had my first major freelance animation contract since graduating from University meaning I feel comfortable calling myself a professional Animator alongside Illustrator from now on.

Hell of a year.

But now we stand at the beginning of 2018! 12 new months to play with!

I thought I’d take some time to lay out a basic roadmap for the year ahead as a way to deliver news and plans all in one go. Should be fun in 2019 to look back at this and see what hits and misses happened! So here we go;

  • Anime & Gaming Con
    Anime & Gaming Con has always been one of my most successful events and this year I’m doing 3! Kicking off in February with the first Cardiff con of the year! I’ll be bringing back the Lucky Dip game, and new products! (read on for some info on this!). Later in the year I also have a second Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con but also I’m returning to the Manchester Anime and Gaming Con after a year off! I loved the Manchester event so much back in 2016. Such friendly people, such a lovely place, and always nice to sell in a totally new environment so I’m really excited to return this year!
  • Mini-Con
    It’s not my place to reveal plans for Mini-Con but I can confirm that I fully intend to be in both the Summer and Winter event, and fingers crossed if behind the scenes things pan out there could be some super awesome news coming out of Mini-Con soon!
  • Badges! Badges Everywhere!
    Due to my lovely and supportive parents for Christmas alongside far too many sweets, I got a Badge Maker I’d been threatening to get for a while! If you follow my Instagram you’ve no doubt already seen my tests with it. This gives me a whole new area of the market to explore now, some of my existing designs translate well to Badges, others not so much, it also gives me room to come up with totally new designs that would only really be at home on a badge. These will be appearing on my Etsy shop at some point soon, I just need to get everything worked out on postage cost and so on first but they will be at all Conventions I’m selling at this year too!
  • Roleplay PDFs
    Anyone who follows my Etsy shop will be aware that alongside stickers I’ve begun selling PDFs for Dungeons and Dragons, and Fate Core character sheets and other useful bits for players. These have been a success I never saw coming and kind of caught me off guard. This year I plan to not only expand the selection of resources I offer but also the style they come on. The first big plan is a pixel art version of the Dungeons and Dragons character sheet for those who wish to theme their game to good old retro RPGs like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. Sadly I have been looking at my sales report with Etsy though and discovered due to some silly rules Etsy has (like making every seller charge VAT even if we don’t make enough money to legally qualify for VAT Charges) that the profits of these PDFs are so tiny I can’t justify working on new ones without raising the price a little. In comparison to similar products, I’m VASTLY undercutting others so I’ve decided I will be raising the price a little but still plan to keep my Digital Products pleasantly cheap, plus I plan to release a Bundle soon which will allow you to buy all the PDFs in one order for a reduced price 🙂 
  • Collabs
    It’s not all about selling and products though! This year I hope to stretch my artistic wings a little and hopefully team up with some other creatives to bring collabs to the interwebs! What will these be? Who will I work with? No idea! It’s more a nice idea right now than a reality but fingers crossed it’ll result in some fun stuff for peeps soon!
  • Animation!
    Remember when I used to make animations for the fun of it? Me neither but there was a time! I’d like to create at least one self-motivated animation this year. Just like the Collabs this is in the idea phase more than anything right now, but hopefully I’ll have a more solid idea soon I can start sharing with you all.

And I think for now that about wraps it up! It’s coming up on 6am here and due to some ill health, I’m not 100% awake at the best of times so I apologize if this has been an incoherent ramble but hopefully it gives you an idea of where I’m taking my Freelance work in the next year! 🙂 

So Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make 2018 awesome.