So I’m on Twitch!


Good evening folks!

Only a small post as I’m under the weather right now and wanna get back to bed and rest up so I’ll recover quicker!

Just thought I’d let you all know I’m now streaming some of my artwork on Twitch! It’s limited to Pixel Art right now as I’m still waiting on some tools I need to do more traditional styles of work on my computer, but there’s music, and I’m happy to chat with anyone so feel free to pop on over, and if you’ve got a Twitch account, click the follow button on my channel to be told when I’m streaming!


A Blog Post!

This Saturday I’ll be attending Mini-Con Cardiff! This one-day event is an awesome place to test new products and for newbies to cut their teeth on the Convention Scene. It’s where I first got my start and a place I’ve not only returned to year on year but have also begun to lend a hand in its promotion and setup.

This time I’m doing my biggest shift in product range since first establishing Ommy’Stickers a few years back.

In recent conventions, I’ve begun to notice stickers becoming a more and more commonplace product on other stalls. For this reason, I feel the bottom may be about to fall out on the sticker market. It served me well and stickers will always be a cornerstone of what I make and sell, but clearly the time has come to explore other products. Those who don’t adapt are left behind after all.

New products tested at this convention will be Pebble Pets, a proven success in shops but this will be my chance to test them on a smaller scale in a different environment.┬áI’m also bringing greetings cards, bookmarks, and some original art (maybe prints – time is short to procure the stock┬áneeded).

Launching this site!

Good morning, how are you? Sexy I hope!

Hello, so as you’ve probably guessed my names Timbo. I’m a freelance animator, illustrator, designer, and artist. I setup this site as I felt the name I was going under,, had become more a brand of it’s own rather than a site that reflects who I am. If you’re looking to buy my work in product form I’d recommend checking out Ommy-Noms though as all that kind of stuff is done through there.

If you’re looking to use my services though you’re in the right place! Feel free to poke around the site, see if you like what I do. If you do then by all means pop by the Contacts page and find your preferred way to drop me a message! I’m always interested in new clients.