Please Hold was my final film in University.

This 3 minute film was born out of my dislike for speaking on the phone. The inability to see the other caller results in all kinds of awkwardness which I felt was a good source for dry and often grim humour.

This film played a major role in my Upper Second Class Honours in Animation Direction and Production.

Producer: Sara Hessam
Background Artist: Becky Peel
Voice Acting: Pyar Anderson
Voice Acting: Sara Bellanato
Voice Acting: Bethan Edwards
Voice Acting: Ross Houghton
Voice Acting: Adam Russell
Voice Acting: David Shellard

Bored to Death

Bored to Death was the result of a University project in which we worked with a medical research team to create a healthy living awareness. I was director, writer, concept artist, assistant 3D modeller, and assistant animator on the project.

Inspired by my work in ‘Car‘ I decided to apply the simple low poly look to this project. I also felt that scare tactics and preaching don’t help someone to asses their lifestyle and if anything will cause some to be stubborn so the basic plan of this animation was to give the viewer enough to come up with their own conclusion.

Lead Animator / 3D Modeller: David Shellard
Assistant 3D Modeller: Mia Goddard
Editor: Sara Hessam


Car was a test animation leading on from the Low-Poly Beauty project to see how simply I could give the illusion of more with low poly graphics. The scene above involved a stationary card that bobs up and down, and objects on the side of a static road designed to slide past giving the illusion of a car driving down a long road.


Quack was originally built as part of a 36 hour animation challenge where the theme was the word ‘Duck’. As a result of writing, recording, drawing, and animating the whole thing in 36 hours single handedly it’s quality did suffer. As a result the above video was created to fully realise the idea behind Quack and was shown at the Chapter Movie Maker screening event in Cardiff.

The original “Quack” film: